Analyzing The Markets

Since 2012, Highgrove Holdings Management, LLC, has invested time and expertise in the analysis of real estate markets across the United States to find areas with the most opportunity. Highgrove’s analysts take numerous factors into account, including the cost of living, employment opportunities and unemployment statistics, construction costs, available property inventory and the demographics of qualified home buyers.

Highgrove continues to find new investment portfolios that ensure great returns while at the same time, through its “All Cash” strategy, minimizing risks for its members.

Highgrove Anticipates Opportunity Zone Investments

​​Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZ) have been created to encourage development in certain areas of the country.  This is part of the tax reform package introduced by Congress in 2018. Details are still being ironed out by the IRS, but Highgrove is watching all developments carefully. Once guidelines are finalized, Highgrove will be setting up OZI to capitalize on this highly favorable investment tax incentive.


Highgrove's Opportunity in Wisconsin

Highgrove has been acquiring properties in the area Milwaukee at prices that are discounted up to and in some cases exceeding 50% off of fair market value. Properties purchased according to our all-cash strategy provide tremendous a cash flow with 12%-18% returns annually. Values are increasing to the top of the market as Highgrove focuses on cleaning up communities where purchases are made. Focus will always remain on safety, clean environment and good service for our tenants.

Highgrove's Opportunity in Pennsylvania

With a high number of distressed and foreclosed properties plus higher rental rates available in the area, Highgrove finds it possible to acquire properties at a low cost with a high return through rental in the Philadelphia area. Again, the focus remains on working with local authorities to clean up the areas where Highgrove properties are located, providing safety, attractive homes and good customer service for Highgrove tenants.

New Jersey
New Jersey
Highgrove's Opportunity in New Jersey

The capital of New Jersey, Trenton has always had a strong rental market due to a larger number of renters than homeowners. There are plenty of available investment properties such as duplexes and triplexes, as opposed to large scale apartment complexes and buildings.

Trenton is slated for a major redevelopment of its downtown area and infrastructure. This, in conjunction with an influx of employment opportunities, has made Trenton a potential success in the rental industry as people move into the city, needing places to live closer to their work place. Highgrove plans to take advantage of this opportunity by acquiring properties around the city to create a cash flow portfolio with high cap rates on property acquisition costs.

Other Areas of Focus Include

Highgrove's research team spends several years following the local economy and real estate trends in carefully selected areas around the United States.  


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