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    A Targeted Approach to Real Estate Investment while Serving the Community


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Why Invest With Us?

Highgrove Leadership has over 35 years experience in the real estate investment and management market

Our recent performance, with average investments of $120,000:


Net annualized return
 on investment since 2016


cash distribution

4 Year Plan

 Investors have the option of a full
cash buyout at the end of 4 years

New Investors will receive a 11% QUARTERLY RETURN OF CAPITAL DISTRIBUTIONS and the potential for capital appreciation upon sale after a 4-year hold period. Residential Properties Resources Fund II, LLC (RPRF II) program has put Highgrove Investors on track to meet their investment goals.

Highgrove Accommodates Self-Directed IRAs, 401Ks, Pension Funds and 1031 Exchanges

In addition to cash investments, Highgrove accepts funds from different retirement funding accounts. Highgrove Investors have enjoyed the services of Mainstar Trust  -  mainstartrust.com  -  a proven self-directed account custodian.  Mainstar offers guidance through the process of investing funds from IRAs and retirement accounts in Highgrove's Residential Properties Resource Fund II.

Real Estate is rising to the top for investor opportunities.

  • Moderate Leverage, Sponsor-Driven Fund with protective Delaware LLC Series
  • Minimal competition exists, as most investors lack similar resources to extract value from such closed markets
  • Unique execution capabilities, cost-efficient low overhead processes, and a strong on-site presence in our market areas.

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