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Highgrove provides housing to tenants with all levels of income, first time home buyers, veterans, and nonprofit organizations. Our mission is to provide clean, safe and secure homes for Highgrove residents, regardless of their economic status. We work closely with local authorities to help improve the areas where Highgrove purchases properties.

Accredited Highgrove Investors are kept informed about the Highgrove real estate investment program with frequent opportunities to interact with Highgrove leadership and an overall transparency of company activities. Many Investors have added to their original funding.

Quarterly receptions enable Investors and potential investors to meet each other and Highgrove's leadership.  We also coordinate tours of Highgrove properties for our Investors, who enjoy learning more about the progress being made with renovations and about the areas selected for purchases. Highgrove's leadership has strong working relationships across the United States with vendors, contractors, local officials, real estate, lending, brokerage, mortgage, asset management, and property management companies.     

Highgrove has over 35 years experience in property acquisition, rehabilitation, leasing, selling, lending, brokerage, banking, mortgage, development, asset management and property management. The team also has extensive experience in managing single family, multi-family, mobile homes, RV parks, commercial, office, retail, and industrial properties across the United States.


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