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Constance C. Porter-Hruby

President, Tomco Equity Management Group II, LLC and CFO, Highgrove Holdings Management, LLC
​Years in Real Estate: 30   

Ms. Porter-Hruby began working with the Tomblin family of real estate companies in 1986. Before being named President, Ms. Porter-Hruby served as Tomblin Asset Management Group’s Controller before being promoted to COO.  Prior to joining Tomblin Asset Management Group, Ms. Porter-Hruby served as Controller for two non-profit associations in Washington, DC: the Agriculture Council of America and the American Academy of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. 

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Highgrove Holdings Management, LLC

Highgrove Holdings, LLC (Highgrove) is a Woman/Minority owned, Disabled Military Veteran,  “Special Purpose Entity”, formed in 2012, specifically for acquiring value added distressed real estate within the United States of America for investment purposes.  Highgrove became a Woman/Minority owned, Disabled Military Veteran LLC through its managing member TOMCO Equity Management Inc., II.”

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