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Leon Scales

Vice President, Asset Management, Highgrove Holdings Management, LLC
Years in Real Estate: 44

Mr. Scales was employed for 24 years at Coast Federal Bank (initially Coast Federal Saving & Loan), where he was responsible for residential loan origination, residential lending operations and wholesale loan originations.

As Director of New Home originations, he funded the bulk of the bank’s single-family loans.  As Director of Wholesale Lending for the bank, he funded $3.2 billion, or 60% of the bank’s single-family loans, within a span of four years. Mr. Scales also served as Director of Secondary Marketing and Mortgage Banking, and Director of Wholesale Funds Acquisition in the Finance Division at Coast Federal. He oversaw all aspects of the bank’s portfolio of multi-family projects funded with housing revenue bonds, over 5,000 units in more than 20 projects in California and Hawaii.

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Highgrove Holdings Management, LLC

Highgrove Holdings, LLC (Highgrove) is a Woman/Minority owned, Disabled Military Veteran,  “Special Purpose Entity”, formed in 2012, specifically for acquiring value added distressed real estate within the United States of America for investment purposes.  Highgrove became a Woman/Minority owned, Disabled Military Veteran LLC through its managing member TOMCO Equity Management Inc., II.”

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